About the show

The idea for this show was originally created by Lotus Niraja and Michelle Joyce while slothfully watching an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race in the middle of the day.  The show quickly took shape as ideas for tasks, immunity challenges, elimination ceremonies and shocking twists were inspired by their favorite moments in reality TV.

Lotus Niraja

Michelle Joyce


SEASON 1 - 2010:

Pooling resources, the two have made their dream a reality… a reality show, that is.  Lotus Niraja’s Belly Dance Nationals (a competition in Washington DC) will be the backdrop for this endeavor.  Michelle Joyce has offered up the ultimate prize: the starring role in a Cheeky Girls Productions instructional DVD. 

Hosted by the magnetic Tanya of Las Vegas, Project Belly Dance will be full of competition, drama, compelling situations, heartwarming moments, and, of course, belly dancing. 

The show is strictly for fun, and any revenue it generates will be put into the production budget.  A great many people are donating their time and resources to make this happen. Once it is created, the show will be distributed online in the form of webisodes at no charge to the viewing public! 

And just like in your favorite reality shows… YOU will decide the winner through an online vote.

The goal is to give exposure to dancers who might not otherwise have the opportunity to be seen on the international stage.  Anyone who has already been featured in a DVD will be ineligible to compete (with the exception of those who have self-produced and have sold fewer than 300 copies). We have recently expanded the rules to allow dancers who have been on major labels to participate if they have been on only ONE production and it was a performance DVD and they were featured for less than 10 minutes.

Of course, there can be only one winner, but all of the contestants will be promoted.  Full length video clips of their performances will be uploaded to the Project Belly Dance website - plus, their bios and links will be featured.  It is our hope that the show will bring new names into the limelight while providing the belly dance community with a fun and refreshing take on the competition circuit!


SEASON 2 - 2012:

Due to popular demand we are doing it again! We have lifted some of the restrictions on the applicants, so anyone who does not have their own full-length instructional DVD can apply this season. This opens it up to include an amazing assortment of professional dancers, and we are expecting a world-class show with some of the best dancers in the world. The competition is stiffer, and the stakes are higher!

Season 2 prizes are BIG!
1 - a starring role in a Cheeky Girls Productions instructional DVD.
2 - be mentored by (and travel with) Aziza on her international workshop tour.
3 - be a judge and workshop instructor at The Belly Dance Nationals.
4 - a free ticket to Cheeky Girls Go Camping as well as a workshop instructor position
5 - A free costume from Maz Couture

This time we aren't just giving away a prize, we are giving away a career.

The show will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, hometown to the Cheeky Girls team. The community is invited to participate in the form of an audience choice round (details here). The format will be the same, and the final winner will be chosen by the public via online voting.




The concept for this show was created by Michelle Joyce and Lotus Niraja
and is produced by Cheeky Girls Productions  

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